chap01 - Cisco Router Handbook Sackett $70.00 98-7 Backward...

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Cisco Router Handbook Sackett $70.00 0-07-058098-7 Backward Forward Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 _________________________________________________________________ Chapter One Cisco IOS Software We have all heard the saying "Its whats inside that counts" at some point in our lives. In the world of networking Ciscos Internetwork Operating Systems (IOS) has taken that saying to heart. The very core of Cisco Systems phenomenal success is the breadth of services provided by the Cisco IOS software. No two networks are exactly alike. There are connectivity requirements that differ between healthcare and manufacturing, entertainment and shipping, finance and telecommunications. Each of which has different security issues. Each requires the ability to scale with reliability and manageability. The Cisco IOS software has proven to meet these criteria and to build on new requirements due to its flexibility in meeting the rapid changing network requirements of all businesses. 1. Benefits Cisco IOS software provides a foundation for meeting all the current and future networking requirements found in todays complex services driven business environments. Businesses rely heavily on generating income from their network infrastructure. Cisco IOS software has the broadest set of networking features primarily based on international standards allowing Cisco products to interoperate with disparate media and devices across an enterprise network. Most importantly, Cisco IOS software enables corporations to deliver mission-critical applications seamlessly between various computing and networking systems. 1. Scalability The network infrastructure for every corporation must be flexible to meet all the current and future internetworking requirements. Cisco IOS software uses some proprietary but also adheres to international standards for congestion avoidance using scalable routing protocols. These routing protocols allow a network using Cisco IOS to overcome network protocol limitations and deficiencies inherent in the protocols architectures. Additional features in scaling an efficient use of bandwidth and resources is the ability of the IOS software is detailed packet filtering for reducing "chatty" protocol traffic as well as reducing network broadcasts through timers and helper addresses. All these features and more are available with the goal to reduce network traffic overhead thereby maintaining an efficient yet effective network infrastructure. 2. Adaptiveness Network outages occur frequently in corporate networks. However, many times these outages are not effecting the flow of business do to the reliability and adaptiveness of the policy-based IOS software routing features. Using routing protocols, each Cisco router can dynamically decide on the best route for delivering packets through the network around outages thereby providing reliable delivery of information. The prioritization of packets
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and services enables Cisco routers to adapt to bandwidth constraints due to outages or high bandwidth utilization. IOS
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chap01 - Cisco Router Handbook Sackett $70.00 98-7 Backward...

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