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Cisco IPCC Troubleshooting Guide Document ID: 23843 Introduction Prerequisites Requirements Components Used Conventions Symptoms and Troubleshooting Actions Cisco IPCC PIM Does Not Go Active JGW Process Does Not Go Active Directory Problems (Configuration, Not Running, Directory Password) Agent Cannot Log In Agent Cannot Make Call Agent Cannot Go -- Not Ready, Busy, or Other Agent Cannot Go Ready Agent Cannot Logout Agent Shows Active Call or Agent Talking, But No Call At Phone Calls Clear Soon After Alert or Established Post Routing Does Not Work Routing Script Does Not Dequeue Call When Agent Becomes Available Ring No Answer Heard When All Agents and Queue Ports Are Busy Arbitrary Transfers Get Inconsistent Results Alternate Does Not Work Conferenced Party Cannot Conference in Another Party Agent Station Logged Out Unexpectedly Agent Does Not Behave as Configured in Agent Desk Settings Consult Transfers Fail Translation Route to VRU Does Not Work Route Request Does Not Get to "Translation Route to VRU Node" in the Route Script Translation Route Time Outs in Router Log VRU PIM Log Indicates DNIS Not Found on Trunk Group X Check ICM Configuration Troubleshoot the Cisco IP IVR - ICM Interface Translation Route Fails Script Does Not Play or Plays Error Message JTAPI Status Shows Partial Service ICM Status on IP IVR Shows Partial Status Stutter Prompt Heard When a Call is Dequeued from the Router Troubleshoot IVR Service Statistics No Service Statistics or Termination Call Detail Records Are Generated VRU Reports All Calls as Connected, Not Queued as Required Calls Are Counted Against Wrong Service or do not Appear in Service Reports Troubleshoot Cisco CallManager Turn on the Trace for Cisco CallManager Change Cisco CallManager IP Addresses Debug Tools Procmon OPCtest rttest rtsetting.exe rtrtrace.exe
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dumplog vrutrace Call Tracer jtprefs Performance Monitor Log Files Cisco ICM Log Files Cisco CallManager Log Files IP IVR Log Files Useful Profile Data Number of Agents Gateways Used Software Versions of the Components IVR Type Platforms Related Information Introduction This document provides information to troubleshoot the Internet Protocol Contact Center (IPCC), which focuses on the Peripheral Gateway (PG) and the Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM). Although this document contains some information about common problems with Cisco CallManager and Cisco Global Directory, this document makes no attempt to completely describe these components. Rather, this document concentrates on symptoms and methods to identify the source of problems that the PG sees. The problems can relate to software or configuration. Prerequisites Requirements Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics: How to troubleshoot and support Cisco ICM PG Components Used The information in this document is based on these software and hardware versions: Cisco ICM version 4.6.2 The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the
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ipcc_trouble - Cisco IPCC Troubleshooting Guide Document...

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