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Commands Command Description Copy startup-config tftp Backs up the Startup-config file to a TFTP server Copy tftp startup-config Restoring the Startup-config file from a TFTP server Show Flash Displays the contents of Flash including the IOS Operating System File. Copy flash tftp Backs up the IOS File to a TFTP Server Copy tftp flash Upgrades or restores the IOS From a TFTP Server Format bootflash: Format the boot Flash ,Format operation will destroy all data in "bootflash. Copy tftp: bootflash Copy tftp: sup-bootflash:
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Unformatted text preview: Copy tftp: disk0 Upgrades or restores the IOS From a TFTP Server in bootflash,sup-bootflash and disk0. Tftpdnld A Rommon mode command used to recover the IOS when it is lost. Requires the setting of the following parameters. (Case-sensitive) IP_ADDRESS=XX.XX.XX.XX IP_SUBNET_MASK=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX DEFAULT_GATEWAY=XX.XX.XX.XX TFTP_SERVER=XX.XX.XX.XX TFTP_FILENAME=IOS Filename Xmodem filename Recovers the IOS using the Console Cable Disaster Recovery...
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