1900 - Catalyst 1900 Series Fixed Conguration Ethernet...

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1 Visit Cisco Connection Online at www.cisco.com Catalyst 1900 Series — Fixed Configuration Ethernet Switches Product Overview The Catalyst 1900 series switches deliver the industry’s best value for today’s Ethernet networks. For an extremely low price per port, these switches provide a dedicated 10 Mbps of bandwidth to the desktop and high performance connectivity between hub-based workgroups. All Catalyst 1900 series switches offer unrivaled ease of use through an intuitive and comprehensive Web-based management interface. Standard Edition switches are upgradable to provide unmatched flexibility and scalability when combined with Enterprise Edition software. Enterprise Edition software enables these switches to deliver unmatched network configuration flexibility and scalability through embedded Cisco technologies, delivering comprehensive management and security, bandwidth optimization, networked multimedia, and virtual LAN (VLAN) support. The Enterprise Edition software is pre- installed in Enterprise Edition switches, and available as an Upgrade Kit for Standard Edition switches. Key Features and Benefits Standard Edition Feature Summary Software upgradable to Enterprise Edition 4 models with 12 or 24 10BaseT ports and choice of 2 100BaseT uplinks Full-duplex operation on all Ethernet and Fast Ethernet ports Auto-negotiation on 100BaseTX ports for automatically selecting half-and full-duplex operation Congestion control features including IEEE 802.3x-based flow control, and back-pressure based flow control on 10BaseT ports Web-based network management Reduced footprint: only 8.25 inches deep Performance Twelve or twenty-four 10BaseT ports deliver dedicated 10 Mbps of bandwidth to individual users or workgroups to support bandwidth-intensive applications Tw100BaseT ports eliminate bottlenecks to servers and other network devices One switched Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) port for connecting to fiber or legacy 10Base2 or 10Base5 networks Shared-memory architecture with 3 MB packet buffer virtually eliminates packet loss Non-blocking, ClearChannel architecture supports wire-speed bridging on all ports, delivering up to 370 Mbps maximum forwarding bandwidth, and 550,000 pps aggregate
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1900 - Catalyst 1900 Series Fixed Conguration Ethernet...

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