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Recording and Monitoring - conversations between the agent...

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Recording and Monitoring Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports silent call monitoring and call recording. Call centers need to be able to guarantee the quality of customer service that an agent in a call center provides. To protect themselves from legal liability, call centers need to be able to archive agent-customer conversations. The Silent Call Monitoring feature allows a supervisor to eavesdrop on a conversation between an agent and a customer without allowing the agent to detect the monitoring session. (Other call monitoring modes include whisper call monitoring and active call monitoring, which the current release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not support.) The Call Recording feature allows system administrators or authorized personnel to archive
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Unformatted text preview: conversations between the agent and the customer. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Configuration Tips Perform the following steps to configure monitoring and recording: 1. Turn on IP phone built-in bridge (BIB) to allow monitoring or recording. 2. Add user for monitoring or recording application. 3. Add user to groups that allow monitoring and recording. 4. Configure tones for monitoring or recording. 5. Configure DN for monitoring calling search space. 6. Enable recording for a line appearance. 7. Create recording profile. 8. Create a SIP trunk that points to the recorder. 9. Create a route pattern for the recorder. 10. Create recorder redundancy....
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