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Voice Interworking Service Module D ATA S HEET Voice Interworking Service Module THE VOICE INTERWORKING SERVICE MODULE (VISM) IS A HIGH-PERFORMANCE VOICE MODULE FOR THE CISCO MGX 8250 AND MGX 8800 SERIES WIDE-AREA IP+ATM SWITCHES AND IS DESIGNED WITH INDUSTRY-LEADING STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY .SUITABLE FOR ALL SERVICE PROVIDER VOICE APPLICATIONS, THE VISM OFFERS STANDARDS-BASED SUPPORT FOR VOICE OVER ATM AND VOICE OVER IP. The VISM provides toll-quality voice through echo cancellation and efficient utilization of wide-area bandwidth through voice-compression and silence-suppression techniques. Key Features Superior Performance The VISM uses high performance digital signal processors and dual control processors with advanced software to provide a fully nonblocking architecture that supports the following functions: • Eight T1 and E1 interfaces per service module, up to 24 service modules per MGX 8800 • Supports a wide variety of compression schemes and silence suppression for efficient bandwidth utilization • Programmable echo cancellation up to 128 msec • ATM SVCs with standards based PNNI for VoATM using AAL1 • VoIP, VoATM support • ATM adaption layer 1 (AAL1), AAL2, and AAL5 standards support • PRI interfaces • Fax and modem tone detection for compression and echo cancellation control • Statistics collection • Standards-based alarm and fault management • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configuration and access • Redundancy with standby switchover Voice Compression The VISM supports the following standards-based voice coding schemes: • ADPCM (G.726) • CS-ACELP (G.729a) Support for a range of compression allows customers to select the compression quality and bandwidth savings appropriate for their applications; 32-kbps ADPCM, and 8-kbps CS-ACELP compression provide very high-quality and low-bit-rate voice, while reducing total bandwidth requirements.
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VISM_DS - Voice Interworking Service Module DATA SHEET...

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