WEBVW_DS - Cisco WebViewer D ATA S HEET Cisco WebViewer...

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Unformatted text preview: Cisco WebViewer D ATA S HEET Cisco WebViewer CISCO WEBVIEWER IS AN OPTIONAL SOFTWARE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE COMPONENT FOR THE MGX 8260 MEDIA GATEWAY THAT IS EMBEDDED WITHIN THE SYSTEM CONTROL CARD (SCC). WEBVIEWER MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE AN OPEN-BASED DEVICE MANAGER FOUNDATION FOR ACCESSING EQUIPMENT INFORMATION. IT ELIMINATES THE COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH OPERATING DEDICATED HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE PLATFORMS. MGX 8260 WEBVIEWER MAKES USE OF ALL INFORMATION THAT IS OTHERWISE ACCESSIBLE FROM SNMP AND COMMAND LINE INTERFACE (CLI) ACTIONS. THE WEBVIEWER SUPPORTS NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR AND MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER WEB BROWSERS. Extending Full MGX 8260 Gateway Information to the Web Based on Java and HTML technologies, WebViewer allows ready access to dedicated MGX 8260 gateway information, including authorization, configuration, connections, tests (loopbacks, bit error rate tester [BERT]), performance monitoring, and administration functions. Based on a graphical device mimic and navigation tree model, the system allows users to explore the feature-rich content of the MGX 8260 gateway to rapidly make configuration changes or to simply view statistical information. WebViewer accesses the information based upon an embedded SNMP core, and presents the information in text and graphical forms. This information starts at the chassis level view and extends through each module and its parameters. WebViewer is an excellent element tool for operations and system technicians requiring access to the MGX 8260 media gateway. Providing Real-Time Event Information WebViewer provides you with real-time statistics collection through the use of single screen displays and Ciscos use of Java scripts and applets. Performance monitoring, statistics, and events are provided as they occur. Additionally, you canand events are provided as they occur....
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WEBVW_DS - Cisco WebViewer D ATA S HEET Cisco WebViewer...

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