Forecasting Assignment - Part 2_Data UF8

Forecasting Assignment - Part 2_Data UF8 - EXCEL MULTIPLE...

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1 EXCEL MULTIPLE REGRESSION ASSIGNMENT – Part 2 (35 points) Fall 2008 1. This project is an individual assignment – the work you submit is to be your own! Consequently, you are not to refer to another person’s project from this semester or a previous semester. Use only the data set that has been assigned to you – you will not receive any credit for another data set. 2. Projects will be graded based on both content and presentation style, as both aspects are important. Your project grade will reflect your ability (a) to perform the analysis correctly and (b) to follow explicit instructions for preparing your report. 3. You must submit (a) a hardcopy of your report and (b) the Word or WordPerfect file from which your report has been printed. 4. If you are using Microsoft 2007, then your Word file must be saved, using the “Save As” option, as a 2003 file version – in other words, as .doc file type. DO NOT SUBMIT A 2007 FILE VERSION. 5. The hardcopy of your report is due at the start of class on the due date, Tuesday, November 18 . The electronic copy (i.e., Word or WordPerfect file) is to be submitted via the Blackboard assignment link no later than 11:00 a.m. on November 18 . Please note that the assignment link will not be available after 11:00 a.m. 6. Your assignment will be considered late unless the hardcopy of your report and the electronic file are submitted when due. Thereafter, the assignment will receive zero points. Late assignments will not be accepted.
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2 PROBLEM SITUATION Ozark Cycle Sports is gearing up to place January, 2009 orders for its scooters product line. Mr. Corrigan Masters, who is in charge of managing inventory, has asked you to provide (1) an interpretation of the multiple regression model to forecast the number of scooters sold per month and (2) insight concerning some managerial questions. Selected results of the regression analysis using the variables shown in Table 1 appear in the Appendix. Table 1:
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Forecasting Assignment - Part 2_Data UF8 - EXCEL MULTIPLE...

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