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Acct3843 Name: Bryan Redd Spring 2010 Extra Credit – 10 points Due: April 20, 2010 Go to http://deloitte.12hna.com/dbriefs_u/ Register A. View one of the following webcasts 1. Careers in Taxation 2. The Alternative Minimum Tax 3. The Tax Legislative Process 4. Tax Research B. Send me an email that evaluate the webcast – on content primarily (just copy and paste the 2 questions below into the body of your email)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The name of the webcast I viewed was: Tax Research 2. Cost/benefit evaluation – In my opinion 1 --------------------------------------2 -------------------------------------- 3 Time cost outweighed Balanced Benefit/knowledge gained Benefit/knowledge gained outweighed time cost I found it benefical it’s just difficult to sit in front of the computer for 57 min....
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