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PRODUCTION TERMS - WEEK #1 VECTOR VS. BITMAP PROGRAMS: A basic distinction between graphic art software programs. AI and IND are vector pro- grams. Every line, lettter, piece of art, etc. is represented as mathematical curves. That means that you can scale these objects tremendously up or down and they retain their high quality. They are also referred to as device independent. For you that means always try to do all logo drawing, circle drawing and typing in a vector program for maximum results regardless of how you’re going to output it. PSD is a bitmap program which means everything is composed of tiny little blocks. Work done in these programs is very dependent on the resolution of your document. Type in a bitmap program is re- ally a series of tiny little blocks and can look very low quality very quickly. Try not to do any typing in PSD. However, there are certain times when you need to do some of the typing in PSD. We will break this down when we critique ads we see this semester so you get a better idea of when to use each program. POINTS/PICAS: The standard unit of measure in graphic arts. However, feel free to work in inches if that makes you feel more comfortable. InDesign and other programs often want to start in picas unless you alter the preferences to switch to inch- es at a later step. I don’t care how much you try to calculate the conversion between inches and picas in your head, but you must remember that: 12 points (pt) in a pica. 6 picas in an inch. Thus, 72 pts in an inch. Overriding : If you document is asking for a dimension in picas and you want to enter a unit in inches, simply type in the dimension and follow with an “in” immediately after the unit (with no space). EX: typing in 8.125in into a field will override the picas and give you a document that is 8 1/8 inches wide. It works the other way, too. If you’ve switched your document to inches (to feel more comfortable) you will often have to enter a column guide that is 1 pica wide and you simply enter 1p. NEW:
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Print Production-Week _1 - PRODUCTION TERMS WEEK#1 VECTOR...

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