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STUDY_LIST_-_Midterm - Milgram Experiment Measures of...

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SOC 1 SPRING 2011 PROFESSOR A. GORDON MIDTERM EXAM STUDY LIST KEY      TOPICS/CONCEPTS      (consult       your lecture notes, the weekly   reading questions, and key   concepts to fully prepare for all   that is relevant here; simple   definitions won’t do.) Sociological Imagination Personal troubles vs. Public issues  Freedom Cheerful Robot False Consciousness Practical Sociological Competence Professional/Disciplined Sociological  Competence Criteria for applying Sociological  Competence Power (mult. points/features) Authorized socio-political power Unauthorized socio-political power Resistance Social Movements Lilliput Strategy Stanford Prison Experiment
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Unformatted text preview: Milgram Experiment Measures of social difference Social roles Ideology Socialization Empire Militarism (vs. military) Military Empire Civilian Militarism Significance of Cold War UNICEF Report AUTHORS (you should know their major claims and how/where they relate to the above.) C. Wright Mills Charles Lemert Parenti Brecher et. al. Toni Cade Bambara Chalmers Johnson FILMS/STORIES (plot, take-aways, relation to course concepts/topics.) Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story A Day’s Work, A Day’s Pay “The Organizer’s Wife” Iraq in Fragments...
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STUDY_LIST_-_Midterm - Milgram Experiment Measures of...

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