Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing With Anxiety - instead of starting the preparation...

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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 1 Anxiety and public speaking anxiety in presentations yes I know that many of you are scared stiff there are some people who are born with the gift of gab and get out and talk in front of people without any nervousness or anxiety I find that to be the rare individual. Most people have to work in overcoming their anxiety I've listed some YouTube videos and some further reading and some great books on how to overcome your anxiety Im going to give you some of the strategies right now. the first and most important strategy is to be prepared. I can't promise you that being prepared will prevent anxiety but I can promise you that not being prepared will make your anxiety worse. Please remember that one of the common human responses to things that we are anxious about is to avoid so you have to presentation and you're feeling nervous about it so
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Unformatted text preview: instead of starting the preparation early you put it off to the last minute is fine because you can get all the data you can get all the slides together in time the problem is to prepare in a way to overcome anxiety Practice out loud in front of people. Helps find weak spots, time etc. Use relaxation-mp3, relaxing music, use videos as part of resources. Anchor relaxation to a word, image, and physical to rely on during talk If giving presentation to people in organization, find supporters. Thumbs up, head nods, etc. Make a list of all the things you are afraid of on left side of page, on right side what are your strengths. Everything goes faster and feelings are heightened. Audience can’t see what you feel. Remember the phrase Anticipation… Think of other situations in your life. Has it been as bad as you thought it would be? Dealing with Anxiety...
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