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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 1 (Standing behind podium) Welcome good morning (pause) my name is Dr. Eric Goldstein. I will be your professor for this class. This class is CMBA 1001 Presentation Skills Training. In this class you will be learning how to become a better presenter by learning (click power point first slide) the components of what makes an effective speaker. (Move out away from podium) If you ever start a presentation like that after this class I will find you and hunt you down. That is what we call a standard presentation. Many people give a presentation like that, but that is not what this course is about. This course is about how to stand out and make presentations that make you visible within your organization. So let me start with this question: why does every MBA program in the country, and we're talking Harvard, Wharton etc. have presentation skills as a required course? Of all the courses that are part of the MBA, why do you absolutely need presentation
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