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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 2 You have now grabbed audience’s attention with your strong opening how do you keep them engaged and wanting to listen to you. a couple of key strategies once you've gotten into your presentation that you need to use to keep them engaged and go beyond the standard. First is you want to establish credibility, you can establish credibility by your perceived expertise. If you take a look at my presentation at my PowerPoint I've establish my expertise in a number ways using my PhD in the opening title slide. Always use your credentials you will all have MBAs, make sure this is in your title slide. Do not list a resume of yourself that is almost force-feeding the audience how credible and how much of an expert you are, you can use it in your stories for example you've heard that I give over 40 presentations a year to IBM, I have a contract with the federal courts of the United States. These are all things you've heard throughout my
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