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The Close

The Close - Professional Development Seminar I The Close...

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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 1 And finally we move to the close. If you recall we talked about the concept of recency and primacy. The close is the recency part it is the last thing your audience sees in the presentation and it needs to have some oomph. It needs to be strong and impactful, you can do all this hard work during the presentation and leave them flat in the end. So you do not want to simply summarize at the end I never want to ever hear, “that’s it” That is a not close. Even if your close is thank you very much or are there any questions? Thank you very much those are a lot better than “that’s it” or “that's all I have to say” A really good close leaves them with impact. You can use challenging questions. You’ve presented a lot of material to them or maybe you presented some data. An example of a challenging question is I have laid out a plan for the future, do you feel the data suggest a different direction? I like to hear what if anyone has any
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