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The First 90 Seconds

The First 90 Seconds - Professional Development Seminar I...

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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 2 Grabbing the audience's attention right from the beginning is critical to any presentation. This is true whether you are presenting at a staff meeting or whether you're presenting at a trade conference or trade association meeting. We will be spending a lot of time today on the opening and the closing of the presentation. The opening actually may start before you walk up to the stage if you are presenting to a group that already knows you for example, or even the conversations that occur before a trade conference. Once you start you have between 90 seconds and 3 min. to grab their attention and get the audience to believe that you are worth listening to. The first things you need to do is know the set up of the room. Remember, unless you absolutely have to; do not stand behind a podium. Think about what your first is thought when you see a presenter stand behind a podium. Usually the first thought or association is lecture, we equate lectures with the boring, and we equate lectures with reading a script. This is not how you want the audience to have a first impression of you. In those first 90 seconds what you want to do is grab their attention. You help your cause by starting that process even before you walk on stage. You have to know why you are there and what you want to say Stephen Covey talks about beginning with the end in mind. What do I want the audience to get out of my presentation. You are not simply following your boss’s requirement to present the third quarter data or to present the revenues or net profit of the third quarter. The real purpose of presenting that data you have to know that before you walk onto the stage before you walk in for staff meeting otherwise you are just
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