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The Opening - Professional Development Seminar I The...

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Professional Development Seminar I ©2010 Florida International University Page 1 of 2 There are many ways in which you can start an opening to grab their attention. You do not want a standard open like everyone else. My guess is you have all heard a standard opening; something like giving them your name and topic. Hi my name is Eric Goldstein today will be talking about third-quarter trends and revenues and what it means for the fourth quarter etc. That standard opening is not wrong it just doesn't grab their attention. so one way you can start your opening is with a quote if the quote is relevant and short. I remember a student with the executive MBA program who gave a presentation that started with a pertinent quote. It went something like this: Aristotle once said it is only the wise man or the stupid man who makes no changes in his life. He went on to describe all the experiences he had and how he lead his life. He talked about all the accomplishments in his life, he came from a central American country very poor family in this country started out doing anything he could do for work. He formed his own company, traveled the world and by the age of 27he did more than most people at any age. He talks about all these experiences all within a 5 min. talk with the topic being something you would change about yourself . He ended with :when you asked me what I would change about my life what I would change about myself, the answer is nothing. I have dome more and experienced more at 27 than I ever thought possible” So I would change nothing, and John Smith is no stupid man and he walks off. Remember the quote "Aristotle says the wise men or stupid man, he refers back to that quote. if you use a quote make sure it is relevant and it is not trite or cliché. Don’t
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The Opening - Professional Development Seminar I The...

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