April 2 - Strategic Marketing Concepts: An Overview BUAD...

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An Overview BUAD 615 – Marketing Management 1. Erick Nasution was a workaholic. Just like Joseph, Joseph had been thrown out by his brother. The mission of Joseph is to convert his brothers. Joseph you perform your role. 2. Course Objective 3. Text Book : If you cannot find, you can made a copy but only for academic purpose 4. Course Requirement 5. Group Term Paper 6. Participation – Not just for the sake of opening mouth. 7. Grading System 8. Plagiarism: You can study together but the way you answer should be different. 9. Bibliography 10. Format, Table of Contents, 11. Final Exam March 27. (Ommited) 12. 7 Cases: Jones Blair, etc. 13. 1 st week of Mei 2 – 20 no class, Nasution will be in UNAI. Subject Matter: Orientation and overview. Chapter 1: Foundation of Strategic Marketing. 1. Selling your product is part of marketing but marketing is not only selling. 2. Creating your product image 3. Building relationship Diagram: Who are the staff and who are the executive. 1. President. Echelon 1 2. VP of Marketing (E-1) 3. Sales Manager ( E-2) : His Job is selling Executive Function for . ( Branch manager -Luzon, Mindanao, Visayan, Intl.) 4. Marketing Planning and Control (E-2) : Doing all the planning work, and acting not excutive but staff who give advise. 5. Marketing research ( E2) 6. Market Promotion (E2) The function of Marketing: 1. Marketing is not selling only. Five complex analytical processes in SMM:
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April 2 - Strategic Marketing Concepts: An Overview BUAD...

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