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April 6 - • Availability of the spare part • Easy to...

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SMM-Class Note: April 6 2011. 1. Presentation by Jill Cabansag, Janmar Food Corporation. Samuel Saw help to explain. Nielsen SAMI does the same thing: Executive reporting, (has a very shy difference between Nielsen). We need more thorough study and reporting. Mr. Summer has question and some concerns that AC Nielsen can provided. Nielsen is for retail sales when SAMI for whole sale. Mr. Summer looking for a long-term partnership. 2. Business men are someone who cut cost. 3. Identify 4. Market Development, we are talking about the existing product that you would like to sell to a new additional market. A. ….B…. 5. Number 2 there is market attractiveness and “Anything that the customer that would be benefited for” Lower price. Availability Quality Warranty After sale service
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Unformatted text preview: • Availability of the spare part. • Easy to use. Product concept. 6. Core competency of the product. • Product image • Marketing ability • Comprehensive distribution system • High standard • 7. Expertise of the company in producing the product • Technological expertise. • Brand of the product. • Excellent customer service. • Technology • Marketing, accessible distribution network. • Operation, Management Information system. • Finance • Research and development 8. Excellent Customer Service 9. (State, Nation, Worldwide) Information Networking 10. New Product Research and Development 11. Market Research 12. Relationship Development/Outreach • 1. Not competent 2. Less competent 3. Not clear 4. Competent. 5. Most competent....
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April 6 - • Availability of the spare part • Easy to...

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