Book Review 2 - Best Practice on Educational-Based...

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Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies Best Practice on Educational-Based Marketing A paper presented in partial fulfillment Of the course BUAD 615 Marketing Management To Dr. E. Nasution By Group 3
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May  2, 2011 What is Education-Based Marketing? Education-Based Marketing is simply a method of marketing that uses EDUCATION as the tool to get people to respond to your offers and sell your products and services. We will see. ..deep down inside most people have a few common traits. 1. People don't trust people. 2. People don't like to be "sold." 3. People want to know "insider information" (it gives them a sense of power). 4. People need to justify their purchase decisions based on some logical facts. 5. People will always take the "low-risk" route. Education-Based Marketing takes these inner human traits and exploits them by using information and education to overcome these selling obstacles. Education is the gift you give customers in return for their ear and their respect. But you wouldn't get either if the education is ineffective, boring, irrelevant, too time consuming or heavily biased toward your products. The gift is wrapped in marketing. Your brand and product marketing materials surround the education. They are always visible but distinct for the unbiased gift your customer and prospects are seeking. Once customers have received the gift and realized its value, then they will give you their respect and ear. That is the time to deliver your messages and tie them to what the customer has just learned. There is a misconception in small businesses that the marketing's most important function is to promote products and services. In fact, the most important function of the marketing should be to establish that we are knowledgeable and can be trusted. Most of business people don't do business with people they don't trust. Even if they
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This note was uploaded on 08/09/2011 for the course BUAD 605 taught by Professor Nasution during the Summer '11 term at Andrews Univeristy.

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Book Review 2 - Best Practice on Educational-Based...

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