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General Interview Guide - Core Competencies Illustrative...

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In this section you need to list the 3 – 8 things that you do better than your peers. You are trying to answer the question: Why would a company be lucky to hire you as an employee? Are you particularly organized, a great leader, a quick learner? Under each trait, list several examples that illustrate how or when you were organized, a leader, or quick learner. Some examples are below. Feel free to add more of your own or borrow some of these. 1.) Leadership a. CWT – pool social b. Dance Marathon – corporate sponsorship, use $ figures c. UJC d. Senior Design Project Manager 2.) Connect & Develop/Efficient Innovation/Leveraging Mastery/Ability to Reapply Previous Knowledge a. 3.) Organization Building/Coaching/Mentoring a. Senior Design TA b. NGST High School Intern c. AFRL Interns 4.) Quick Learner a. Various intern projects – you ramped up fast b. VIP Sensors c. APAS d. POST 5.) Internally Motivated/Curious a. 6.) Identify all relevant and critical issues in complex systems/synergistic solutions a. Graduate Design Project b. Business Process Class c. UJC 7.) Project Management a. Senior Design Project Manager b. Observing Pat Biltgen c. PEST Project d. 8900 Project e. Entry Project Team f. AFRL ECO Project Personal Positioning Statement The Personal Positioning Statement (PPS) is a brief introduction of yourself and summary of what you want to do in the future. Consider it your “elevator pitch.” The PPS is a great way to introduce yourself to recruiters at career fairs or other similar events. An example is provided below. My name is Chris Flaherty. I have a polymer engineering undergraduate degree and am currently attending Georgia Tech in order to complete an MS in polymer engineering as well as an MBA. I was motivated to pursue an MBA to increase my understanding of the financial dimensions of business and enhance my leadership skills. In the past, I have had a variety of manufacturing related work experiences with Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and ExxonMobil. In the future, I would like to
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secure employment with a consumer products company that allows me to combine both my management and engineering skill sets. Special Note When responding to interview questions be sure to use the formula below. It will keep you answers short and to-the-point. This method of answering interview questions is recommended by Procter & Gamble. C-A-R: Context, Action, Results Context – Just enough background to frame the situation. You want to paint the picture of whatever the business challenge was that makes the result stand out. DO NOT overemphasize here, again the point is just for understanding Action – the thing(s) that you UNIQUELY did that without them, the results would not have been possible. Don’t focus on whether or not someone else could have done it if you weren’t on the project or on the team. Instead, focus on whether what you did was critical, regardless of who COULD have done it, because after all, you DID it. Result – Quantifiable and relevant. Ideally, results should drive back to dollars. If not, efficiency
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General Interview Guide - Core Competencies Illustrative...

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