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Janmar Foods Corporation. Executive Summary By : Joseph H Sianipar and Berni Dambo Overview Sector: Consumer Good Industry: Food Company Location : East Coast Sales : $300 million / June 1979 The Company Janmar Foods Corporation (JFC) is a producer and marketer of food items. This report discusses the details of Janmar Foods Corporation. JFC is structured in three business divisions, which are: The Consumer Product division, The Confectionary Division, and New Product Division. History Since 1956 JFC has been known by the market in America especially through its product Marigold Margarine. Growth in the margarine category had average less than 2 percent per year from 1972 to 1977. In the category of salad dressing, sales in 1978 reflected an increase of 1 percent over 1977 volume, instead of 5 percent over the past 7 years. This is not a good achievement since the company was targeting 5 percent growth over the next
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Unformatted text preview: 5 years. Products and Services The Consumer Products Division has two branded retail products: Marigold Margarine and Country Fresh Salad Dressings. Competitors for Marigold Margarine Product were Parkay, Bluebonnet, and Fleishmann. Competitors for Country Fresh Salad Dressing were: Kraft, Wishbone, and seven seas. It is recommended that this company conducted a market research to ascertain just how much influence of the competitors variables have on JFC, and to better understand data sources strengths and weaknesses. It is also recommended that an assimilation and validation of a combined datasets from A.C Nielsen Company and Selling Area-Marketing .Inc (SAMI) be conducted to take advantage of each data sources identified strengths....
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