Term papaer - Singapore Airlines

Term papaer - Singapore Airlines - 2011 Singapore Airlines...

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Unformatted text preview: 2011 Singapore Airlines Strategic Marketing Plan Submitted by: Natasha Nangoy & Emmanuel Oppong Afriyie BUAD 615 - Strategic Marketing S I A Political, Economical, Social Based on the evaluation political, economical and social aspect of SIA is within control. All above 0.40 here is an opportunity based on the Economical and Social conditions. But the International business is providing more competitors – threat. d human resources management is the strongest point of SIA. But managing finance and improving Marketing and Research & Development must be thei Challenges Facing competitors from International business and improving their marketing and financial performance. Technology & International The evaluation shows that technological aspect of SIA is very good at 0.52. However, the international market needs can still be penetrated with WAP of 0.39 Marketing & Research Both marketing & research needs to be improved, since it has a WAP of 0.35 and 0.37 respectively. Thus, may be considered SIA’s weak point. Strategic Direction Based on the Observation, we may conclude that the strategic direction that can be pursued by SIA is: Market Penetration Market Development Cost Effective method of Operation. Manufacturing/Service The service providing aspect of SIA is very satisfying, thus WAP is at 0.48 showing a very positive strength Finance & Management/HRM Finance also needs to be improved, WAP at 0.38. But the management and human resources are one of the strength of SIA at WAP of 0.50. Executive Summary of the Marketing Strategies Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) emerged in 1972 and is the national airline of Singapore operating major routes globally. SIA has built up a strong reputation in the aviation industry for its innovation and safety and consistent profitability despite rising and volatile fuel prices, stress in global financial markets, heightened security issues, and increased market competition. The company has grown from a regional airline into one of the world’s leading carriers and as the first operational customers of the “super jumbo” Airbus A380. They have young and well trained staff focused on service excellence and a top ranked hub in Singapore to serve their extensive global network. The airline has built a sustainable competitive advantage using strategies that differentiated it from other airlines based on superior customer service, both in-flight and on the ground. However, SIA is competing in a global airline industry that is rapidly growing with continued threat of terrorist attacks that make safety and security issues critical to every airline, and every airline passenger. The need for expanded aviation infrastructure, both airports and air traffic control, is of particular importance to emerging economies of the world such as India, China, Africa and the Middle East, where much greater rates of demand growth are forecast for both passenger and cargo air transportation. This paper analyses how marketing activities have...
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Term papaer - Singapore Airlines - 2011 Singapore Airlines...

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