Tugas 2 - COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 1. Rivalry: Toyotas success...

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COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 1. Rivalry: Toyota’s success is significantly impacted by its ability to maintain and develop its brand image in the highly competitive automotive. Toyota strives to further enhance its technology, supply capability and marketing, supported by improvements in quality control, strengthening of cost-competitiveness and personnel development. In particular, Toyota has been dedicated to addressing environmental issues, and as environmental awareness continues to grow in the market, Toyota strives to further improve technology, including its unique hybrid technology, in order to develop environmentally-friendly products. 2. Potential entry: Toyota has been conducting its operation in every region, develop new products which meet the specific demands of each region. Toyota is currently developing new factory in Changchun, China where Toyota will begin producing Corollas in 2012 with starting production of 100 thousand units. 3. Substitute product: In Europe, there are a lot of substitute products, but Toyota narrows down the substitute products with its advanced hybrid technology, environmental initiatives and quality. 4. Supplier’s bargaining power: Strong keiretsu gave Toyota the ability to dictate terms to suppliers. 5. Buyer’s bargaining power: Buyers in diverse countries look for different attributes and features. Tastes and preferences of people vary from person to person. A geographic location of an individual can affect the taste and preferences of the individual. For example, cars are owned by all individuals around the world but people have their own preferences. Some want fast cars some want economical cars and geographic locations do have major impact on these decision. If a person staying in a country where old prices are high he will go for an economical car.
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Tugas 2 - COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 1. Rivalry: Toyotas success...

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