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ADVENTIST INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES (AIIAS) MBA PROGRAM GUIDELINES FOR TOWS EVALUATION Eric J Nasution, Ph.D., Professor (AIIAS) OBJECTIVE This section on term-paper guidelines seeks to enlighten the students on how they should prepare their term-papers. The preparation of this term-paper is done gradually as students are completing their learning activity during the semester. PROCEDURES In order to achieve the above objective, the following procedures are to be performed by the students: Firstly, students must group themselves into two (2). Secondly, each group of two must choose an industry of its option from which it should further select at least two companies. Thirdly, the group shall evaluate the two companies’ TOWS (external factors: threats and opportunities; and internal factors: weakness and strength). External Factors or PESTI (political, economic n, social, technological, and international): The group should evaluate their perception on “ how these factors will impact the two companies it has chosen .” Perception will be rated according to how effectively the company is able to overcome and respond to the external factors, expressed in a five-Likert-scale consisting of the following: 1-the ability to respond is poor; 2-the ability to respond is average; 3-the ability to respond is above average; 4-the ability to respond is good; and 5-the ability to respond is superior. Internal Factors (management, resources, marketing, production/operation, research & development or R & D, management information systems): The group should evaluate their perception on whether they belong to the
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strength or weakness areas. Perception will be rated according to a five- Likert-scale consisting of the following: 1-major weakness; 2-minor weakness; 3-not a weakness, nor strength; 4-minor strength; and 5-major strength. Fourthly, the group shall summarize its perception in a matrix, which consists of the following: TOWS D e s c r i p t i o n Weight Mean (x) w.a.p. T and O W and S Political development Economic conditions Social development Technological development International business Weaknesses and strengths 50% 50% xxx xxx xxx xxx ANALYSIS Paradigm of the TOWS Analysis: In the analysis section of the term-paper, the paradigm of the observation, as well as the statement of the problem, questions and hypotheses are explained
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