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Week+3+Checkpoint - should accept anyone who wants to...

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Week 3 Checkpoint As a young woman in China, I had to work for many years to pay an enormous amount of money to be smuggled into San Francisco. I was packed into a shipping crate, along with many other people, and endured a horrible trip for several months at sea with very little food or water. Some died. I am now old and have been paying taxes for years under a Social Security number that I bought. I would like to finally be a legal citizen of my adopted country. I wanted to immigrate to the United States legally because of the financial benefits, but was told that I could not because I did not have any family already here, I did not fear for my life, and I did not have any skills that were needed. I do not think the United States government policies should favor certain kinds of immigrants. I do not think citizenship preference should be given to anyone, I think the United States
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Unformatted text preview: should accept anyone who wants to immigrate here. There are many people from many countries that could contribute to the economy. I do not think anyone should be excluded, even if they do not have much talent or money. And the people who are oppressed by their own governments should be helped even more. I can understand why applications from certain countries are scrutinized more thoroughly than applications from other countries because of the fears of terrorism, but each person should be looked at as an individual, not as a member of a group. I can barely scrape together the money to pay the fees necessary to file for citizenship to the United States, which are over $600 when fingerprinting is included (according the USCIC.gov website), and even though I have been here illegally for over 30 years, I feel I have paid my dues....
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