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Running Head: IRISH-AMERICAN HISTORY 1 Irish-American History Stacy J. Clark ETH/125 Cultural Diversity July 10, 2011 Hillari Sasse Axia College of University of Phoenix
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IRISH-AMERICAN HISTORY 2 For most of my life I have been told that both sides of my family are descended from Irish or Scotch-Irish people who immigrated to the United States sometime in the past. I do not know of anyone in my family who has done research to determine our genealogical lineage, but I do know my family has been in Kentucky for over 150 years. My maiden name is Mitchell, which can be traced back to both Ireland and Scotland. My mother’s maiden name is McClease which can also be traced back to both Ireland and Scotland. Someday, when I have the time and the inclination, I will do the research necessary to determine where my family came from. In the meantime, I have done research on Irish immigrants in general. During this research, I found that I identify more to American mainstream culture than to Irish culture. I have never heard of anyone in my family that was Catholic, so I have to assume my ancestors were Protestant. In my research, I found that the early Irish immigrants were discriminated against by the people who were already in the United States and segregated to slums because most were extremely poor and uneducated. From 1820 to around 1920, five million Irish people immigrated to the United States (Kenney, 2008). They made up almost half of all immigrants in the 1840s and one-third of all immigrants in the 1850s (Kenny, 2008). The British Passenger Act made immigration to Canada cheaper than immigration to Britain, and once there, the immigrants could either buy cheap fares to the United States or simply walk across the border ( Immigration: The Journey to America, 2011 ). 1845 marked a mass migration of Irish because of a blight to the
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Irish-American+History - Running Head: IRISH-AMERICAN...

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