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Week 8 DQ 2 Consider these questions: What are the most significant similarities between the Chinese American and Japanese American [cultural] experiences? Asian Americans as a whole are viewed by the mainstream in the United States as a model minority. Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans have shown little political interest. Neither group has made it big in executive offices of America’s large corporations or financial institutions. Bigoted people discriminate equally against both Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans, viewing both as the “yellow peril”. Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans in the 1880s suffered from anti-Chinese sentiment with the Exclusion Act. Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans suffered from anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II by being involuntarily placed in internment camps. What are the differences? (Schaefer, 2006, p. 352) China was practically untouched by Europeans but Japan had been influenced by the West by the early 1900s, which meant the Japanese immigrants were more assimilated.
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