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Week 8 DQ 1 Consider the following statements: If someone said one of these statements to you, how would you explain that the statements are misconceptions? Include whether you think most Americans believe these misconceptions, and explain why or why not. (a)Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a model minority. Saying that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a model minority is implying these peoples have overcome racism and discrimination in the United States, and many people believe this to be true. They believe this because Asian Americans seem to have succeeded socially, educationally, and economically without political violence or confrontations with white people. However, there are still people in the United States who are anti-Asian. Asian Americans are often viewed as successful overachievers, yet their needs are overlooked and they experience harassment and discomfort as students
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Unformatted text preview: on university campuses. Asian Americans also rarely reach the very top in a profession because of a glass ceiling. They either work in the low-paying service occupations, like other minorities, or they reach close to the top in professional and managerial positions. (b) Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders belong to a single Asian American culture. Many non-Asian Americans may believe this statement to be true, just as they believe all Hispanic or Latin American peoples belong to a single culture. They believe this based on what people look like and lack of understanding of the differences between the different cultures of Asians. There are a lot of different Asian cultures represented by Asian Americans, such as Chinese, Japanese, Samoan, Polynesian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, and Fijian, to name a few....
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