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Week 6 CheckPoint: Legislation Legacy One current issue between Native Americans and the federal government is the implementation of the sex offender registration requirements (SORNA) of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. This bill is aimed at establishing a national sex offender registry law and making significant changes to sexual abuse, transportation, and exploitation crimes (Adam Walsh, n.d.). One section of the act requires tribal governments to affirmatively elect to comply with the mandates of the Act (Adam Walsh, n.d.). If tribes elect to comply, they will be required to maintain a sex offender registry that includes a current photograph, a DNA sample, a physical description, fingerprints, and palm prints of any sex offender on the reservation (Adam Walsh, n.d.). They will also be required to comply with notification requirements the Act established and maintain a web site that allows public access to the information (Adam Walsh, n.d.).
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Unformatted text preview: Tribes that opt-in will have access to some grant money to help build the registry and come into compliance with the law (Adam Walsh, n.d.). Tribes will also have the option of collaborating with other jurisdictions to share the burdens of maintaining the registry (Adam Walsh, n.d.). The problem is that the tribes are forced to opt-in in order to preserve tribal government authority. If tribes do not comply with the act, the states will be given jurisdiction to enforce law on tribal lands, thus reducing the tribe’s sovereignty (Abdi, 2011). The deadline to opt-in is July 27, 2011 (Abdi, 2011). Abdi, Q. (2011). DOJ Punts Tribal SORNA Implementation to States . Retrieved July 25, 2011, from Native American Legal Update. Web site: http://www.nativelegalupdate.com/ Adam Walsh Act . (n.d.) Retrieved July 25, 2011, from National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). Web site: www.ncai.org/Adam-Walsh-Act.251.0.html...
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