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Assignment #1 Discussion

Assignment #1 Discussion - Assignment#1 Case Incident 1 J&J...

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Assignment #1 Case Incident 1: J&J Automotive Sales The stereotype for used-car dealers probably developed due to generalization that people heard about them. It is easier for people to put a large category of people into a general category instead of assuming that each dealership has unique characteristics that makes them different from their competition. Another problem that led to used-car dealers being dishonest is that the generalization became even more widespread overtime until it became universal. As a greater population of people heard about the generalization they spread that description on to other people. Therefore, individuals who would approach used-car dealerships would come in with the perception that used- car dealerships are untrustworthy. When that occurs people will not see their environment as it really is, but see what they believe it to be. People will start looking for any characteristics they attribute to used-car dealers, and any negative characteristics they see will reaffirm their first perception of them.
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