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structured_vs_unstructured - III STRUCTURED INTERVIEWS VS...

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III. STRUCTURED INTERVIEWS VS. UNSTRUCTURED INTERVIEWS After interviewing and getting responses from the hiring manager at Dover Downs we did thorough studies of what can be the cause of their heavy turnover and dissatisfaction with the work of employees they hire. We decided to look into their interview process. After doing some research we found that every job has an interview process whether it is hands on, one on one, or group. These interviews are what is used to determine if a candidate is able to complete the job task and embody the skills and mindsets that are required by the employer. However, in these interviews it is very easy to lose sight of what is needed and what a manager may be looking for. In our meeting with the manager we asked, what factors did she think distorted her perception when in an interview? She responded that appearance is probably the biggest way to distort her perception. We know that perception is shaped by learning, memory or expectations therefore we can come to a conclusion that this can cause a problem in the hiring process. By judging a prospective employee off of appearance judgment can be altered as well. To judge off appearance is to assume that a person that is clean cut professionally dressed and whose appearance matches those within the company already is the best candidate for the job. This is not always accurate, they may have the best look for the job but they may not be more qualified compared to someone that is not as clean cut and does not fit into the mold already created within the workplace. All candidates for employees should be equally interviewed and judged on behavioral responses. In the world of human resources, there are two major kinds of interviewing; structured and unstructured.
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