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STAT FINAL fall 2008 practice form a

STAT FINAL fall 2008 practice form a - INTRODUCTORY...

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INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS EXAMINATION № 3 FALL 2006 Form A NAME____________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: 1. You may use only a calculator, pencils and pens. 2. All other materials will be provided. 3. You will be given no more than 120 minutes the complete the exam. 4. Please return all documents to the professor at the end of the exam. 5. Please turn OFF all cell phones. Failure to turn off a cell phone will result in disqualification. 5. Please sign the page below: I have read and understand the policies relating to cheating in the classroom and on exams. I understand that if caught cheating I will automatically receive a zero for this assignment. Signature____________________________________________________________ PRACTICE FINAL EXAMINATION FALL 2008
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FORM A I. Matching (5 Points Each) ___ Reject Ho ___ t-Distribution ___ Level of Confidence ___ Sampling ___ Parameter ___ Correct Decision ___ Level of Significance ___ Sample Size n ___ Proportion ___ Hypothesis Testing A. What is the mean of a population called? B. What is the measure of confidence that one has in the interval estimate called? C. _____ _____ is a procedure based on sample evidence and probability theory used to decide whether the hypothesis is a reasonable statement and should not be rejected or is unreasonable and should be rejected. D. There is no one level of significance that is applied to all studies involving ________. E. If the null hypothesis is true and the researchers do not reject it, then a ______ ______ has been made. F. One assumption in testing a hypothesis about a ____ is that the data collected are the result of counting something.
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