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career devlopment - are doing wrong individuality try to...

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Are you being a team player primarily discusses your listening skills, commitment, and the ability to work with others. When people are in groups, do the others in the group pay attention to exactly what the person is trying to get across or are they completely missing the message that is being said. Do people interpret their tone of voice, or body language that is being used, by paying attention to such little detail you are making yourself and others more aware of the message that is coming across. There is also a point of what is not being said by the speaker which can result to more of the message they are trying to perceive. One big issue that arises in teams is criticism instead of focusing on what team members
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Unformatted text preview: are doing wrong individuality try to focus on everyone reaching the same goal for that is the true purpose of being in groups. People tend to lose that drive once they end up in conflict. Instead of worrying about what people are not doing people should focus on each individual’s strength. For if another team member is weak at something the other member has better knowledge could help the group a great deal. Therefore if each member brings something to the table the team can become very successful. The key factor was to avoid conflict while working in group because this leads away from the group reaching their goals. Teams should stay committed once their goals are met....
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