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Workforce Diversity - For these people will give them...

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Workforce Diversity is mainly talking about how today’s world is completely different than the past. Today there are many people of different minority groups that have talent in an array of areas. It is also a legal requirement that it is discriminatory not to hire other races. There have been many issues with companies, of people not being hired due to them being different genders where women were not being promoted but men were. Other cases were hiring many races but kept the minorities in the backstage of the organization. Therefore Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action have come to place due to workforce diversity. The marketing strategies of today’s companies are reaching people from all walks of life and by doing this they should hire people from all walks of life as well.
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Unformatted text preview: For these people will give them insight on what the company is trying to appeal. Diverse people will know what is ethical to pitch and what is not. Companies who tend to interact with the customer base have a high quality of having loyal customers. Companies who do not embrace diversity will increasingly become ineffective in their external interactions. If businesses support diversity this gives them the opportunity to fix errors immediately, adapt better, and rapidly capitalize. Capitalization can be measured by experience, talent, insight, wisdom, and imagination. For which ever reasons company applies diversity it is evident they will have a stronger competitive advantage....
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