adidas - Reebok, and Nike which are considered high...

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Summary of Main Points: Adidas, organization is matched to the needs oriented consumers. There are two objectives Adidas address which are performances and sporty style helps the company innovate new products. To meet today’s consumer markets. With sports performance Adidas makes it clear with its message with football, basketball, soccer, and other activities. Sport style is targeting the consumer preferences and what exactly fits their needs.
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Identification of Problems/Issues: Low market share in the United States Shareholders interest Lack of global advertisement campaign Feud with rivals Recommendations: Adidas should increase its shareholder value by engaging them in what they want. They can also create more endorsements programs. They can keep building brands equity and buy out other competitive companies. Adidas could open more stores to compete against stores such as
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Unformatted text preview: Reebok, and Nike which are considered high competitors. Other ways to help this company would be to support popular celebrities and organize sport events. Justification/Analysis: Adidas can increase market share in the United States as well as overseas to become more competitive with larger brands. They should try to bring peace with its coworkers by not feuding with competitors. It shows bad sportsmanship and there needs to be some peace amongst the company. For this company is telling them not to speak to rivals. Implementation: Adidas larger competitor has greater market share and has a big budget to advertise and market its product. Many companies have boost their advertisement over the last years if Adidas wants to maintain change and gain its shareholder interest they need to develop a way to implement change and heavily advertise....
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adidas - Reebok, and Nike which are considered high...

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