netflix - Summary of Main Points Netflix and Blockbuster...

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Summary of Main Points: Netflix and Blockbuster has been rivals for the past few years, these two companies are leaders in a rental movie industry. Blockbuster came into existence in 1985, while Netflix had entered its 12 th year. But do not let that fool you for Netflix has 9.6 million online subscribers’ compared to Blockbusters 3 million. Though Netflix has received many criticisms, it has continually grown and thrived in the movie rental market. New technology has enabled Netflix to provide high quality streaming videos directly to their subscribers’ video game consoles, televisions, and
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computers. Other companies have come into existence to compete with this company such as Redbox, Intelliflix, and GameZnFlix but are nowhere near the sales of the strongest rivals. Identification of Problems/Issues: Netflix’s inability to completely satisfy the initial rush for a new movie. Netflix does not have a direct connection to any movie studios so it must purchase its entire media through the consumer market. Netflix’s rent-by-mail business model is that customers have to wait (often for
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netflix - Summary of Main Points Netflix and Blockbuster...

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