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mkt 212 final - MKT 214 Advertising Final Exam 1 ABC is...

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MKT 214 Advertising Final Exam 1. ABC is primarily a movie, news and sports channel. The music that airs on this station is a wide range of genre such as r and b, ska, reggae, pop, and so on, depending on the show viewers are watching. Shows that air early in the morning are primarily news and cartoons for small children. There target market focuses on men and women 21 +. The demographics is to target everyone who wants to know what is happening in the world as far as sports and news. This station also provides commercials that are based on medication, trade school, pet care, auto insurance, cell phone services, dental plan and credit cards. Targeting people who are concerned about their careers, families and want to improve their lifestyle. The companies have chosen to air this early in the morning so that the consumer sees this first. 2. Victoria's Secret targets any women that wants to feel and be sexy. Their demographics target women between the ages of 18-50 years old. They also target to men between ages 21-40 to buy this product for their woman. These women live everyday lifestyles and have a middle wage income that can support them buying this semi expensive brand. The catalogue
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mkt 212 final - MKT 214 Advertising Final Exam 1 ABC is...

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