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Accounting Information Systems

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Yes No Emerging Issues Task Force FASB Advisory task force Technical staff Public Start Identify issue FASB agenda Appoint task force Assign technical staff A B B A Advise board Conduct research C C C DM D D DM feedback Page 2 FASB Public Page 1 Exposure draft Exposure draft feedback Revise (if needed) Vote Majority yes? No Yes New SFAS End Reflection and Self-assessment 5.1 What type of flowchart would be most appropriate in each of the following situations? 1. Steps in a Visual Basic program for producing financial statements 2. Steps associated with purchasing inventory 3. Relationships between a central server and desktop computers 4. Path of a sales invoice through an information system 5. Origination, processing and termination of a payroll check 6. Local area network configuration 7. Employee evaluation process 1. Program flowchart 2. System flowchart 3. Hardware flowchart 4. Document flowchart 5. Document flowchart 6. Hardware flowchart 7. System flowchart Reflection and Self-assessment 5.2 Point your web browser to . Search for flowcharting programs. Identify and describe two other programs you could use to create flowcharts.
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RSA_Chp 5 - Emerging Issues Task Force FASB Advisory task...

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