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Accounting Information Systems

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Final classes 3.1 Log into BroncoDirect 3.2 Check class availability Class schedule Updated classes Final classes Updated final classes 3.3 Register for classes Reflection and Self-assessment 6.1 Write a narrative description of the process depicted in Figure 6.2. Also, clearly describe and differentiate the four data flows associated with classes: available preliminary, final and pre- registered. In other words, how do the four data flows differ from one another? How are they similar? A student based on his or her academic history and a class schedule selects his or her preliminary classes which are the classes that he or she thinks he or she may take for next quarter. Then, that student carries that information to meet with an advisor who has advisor data and helps the student to make his or her decision on which classes to register. The student after meeting with the advisor and making up his or her own decision will use that final classes data to pre-register for classes. The classes that he or she just registers will go to his or her academic history.
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RSA_Chp 6 - Final classes 3.1 Log into BroncoDirect 3.2...

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