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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 9.1 Consider the list of complexities inherent in accounting information presented above. Suggest one or two more items that make it difficult to interpret accounting information without some context. One of the things that makes it hard in the financial industry are loans. With the help of XBRL accountants can easily sort through data and determine fixed rate loans variable rate loans, and hybrid loans that have turned to variable rate loans, etc. With out this technology accountants must spend hours sorting through data, and making human errors in analyzing the data. Without some type of context it makes it impossible to analyze or perform any type of forecasting of this nature. Reflection and Self-assessment 9.2 Choose one of the seven approved U.S. taxonomies listed above. Point your web browser to . Click the link for the taxonomy you selected and prepare a summary of what you find. What the banking taxonomy does is help prepare financial analysis of banking
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