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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 10.1 Which of the above benefits and costs have you experienced in doing business on the Internet? What other items could you add to the list based on your experience and / or previous study? In doing business on the internet, I have experienced customer distrust. I ordered a text book that took two weeks to ship. The seller had said it would ship in 2 days, but the text was in actuality out of stock. Then when I received the book it was only the study guide and not the book. I needed to read the fine print. E-business can be very profitable but your customer service needs to be first and foremost. When you don’t deal face to face the trust factor is very important. This area is key to small start-ups. Big names like, toys-r-us (affiliated with have little trouble with public trust initially because of the name recognition. Comparison shopping- customers can benefit by comparing the sales price of a product
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RSA_Chp 10 - Reflection and Self-assessment 10.1 Which of...

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