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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 11.1 Via brief library research and / or your own thinking, suggest an example company that suffered from an ineffective sales / collection process. What made the process ineffective? (Don’t limit yourself to the reasons discussed above!) A company that I think as suffering from ineffective sales/collection process is Ross Dress for Less. Since most of the stores do business face-to-face with customers, the stores do not frequently ship or bill customers. However the problem is taking the customers’ orders. At most stores, the sales staff is so limited that they cannot process the transactions quickly. People usually have to wait in line for a while until their orders or purchases are placed and the payments are collected. Reflection and Self -assessment 11.2 Consider a recent purchase you made as an individual. How were the generic steps in the sales / collection process operationalized in that transaction? I just bought some clothes at Robinsons May.
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Unformatted text preview: The process was very similar except I did not have to go through the processes of shipping the products and processing uncollectible because I picked up my clothes right at the store and I paid my bill on time. A sales staff took my order face-to-face and then Robinsons May approved my credit after I scanned my Robinsons May credit card. After that, they billed me by sending a statement. Although I paid early but there was no discount for paying early with Robinsons May credit card. Reflection and Self -assessment 11.3 A list of common risks in the sales / collection process follows. Before you read it, look over the process steps presented earlier in the chapter. See if you can identify at least three risks suggested by those steps before you read the list. My suggestion would be handling an item that is not what the customers order, stealing cash, poor quality products, customers not get the products in timely manner. 8-1...
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