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Accounting Information Systems

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Put cameras in place Shoot an event Recorded views Start Assemble video crew Synchronize views Edit synchronized views Master camera counted for at par, but most organizations use the cost method Reflection and Self-assessment 13.1 Pizza, for better or worse, is a staple in the diet of many college students. List at least three specific examples of direct material, direct labor and overhead associated with making pizza. Direct materials: flour, pepperoni, salt, sugar, cheese… Direct labor: salaries, wages and benefits of people who are directly involved in the manufacture of pizza, for instance chefs. Overhead: salaries for delivering pizzas, cashiers; depreciation of the oven; utilities cost at the pizza place. Reflection and Self-assessment 13.2 Which basic production process (job or process) would be most applicable in each of the following manufacturing settings? Justify your response. Automobiles Homes Office buildings Pizza Swimming pools Textbooks Automobiles production usually should be a process unless the automobiles are high class and only produced by order. I know there are some cars that are produced by a family and they cost at least $2.5 million/ car. In that situation, the job costing is more applicable.
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RSA_Chp 13 - Put cameras in place Shoot an event Recorded...

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