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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 15.1 Consult your university’s library resources and / or to find examples of one or more of the preceding types of computer criminals. In one particular article I found that in a recent U.S. survey Ninety percent of the 503 U.S. organizations that responded to the survey have detected computer security breaches in the past 12 months and 80 percent acknowledged suffering financial losses. The 44 percent of organizations that disclosed the amount of financial damage they suffered reported losses of $455.8 million. Last year, 85 percent of respondents detected computer crimes, and organizations lost $377.8 million, according to the 2001 survey. Only 34 percent of the organizations that suffered security breaches reported them to law enforcement agencies. I think that most entities won’t report security breeches, because of the bad publicity they will receive, and the loss of public confidence. Reflection and Self-assessment 15.2
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RSA_Chp 15 - Reflection and Self-assessment 15.1 Consult...

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