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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 16.1 Think of a recent experience you had with information overload. What caused it? Can you classify the causes according to the five items in Figure 16.2? For example, as I started to write this chapter, I did a quick online library search for articles dealing with information overload—the search returned over 500 separate sources! My information overload came from three of the five sources: information characteristics, task and process parameters and information technology A recent experience that I encountered was at a financial staff meeting at a credit union that I was working for. We had a third party portfolio management company come in and give us a presentation about our investment portfolio and the options available to us. The amount of information (both numbers and vocabulary) was way too much for me and my fellow co-workers. I would classify this type of overload as informational characteristics and as well as personal factors, for the meeting was right after lunch and I felt like I needed a nap. Reflection and Self-assessment 16.2
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RSA_Chp 16 - Reflection and Self-assessment 16.1 Think of a...

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