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Accounting Information Systems

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Reflection and Self-assessment 17.1 Explore the content of the CMA exam in greater depth on the IMA web site ( ). In addition to your accounting studies, what other university courses have you had that would help you prepare for the exam? Obviously a background in accounting is ideal for the person taking the CMA exam, but there are several other courses offered in the College of Business that will play key rolls in passing the CMA exam. Courses in economics, business calculus, and business law will certainly help in passing the 1 st part of the exam. Classes in business statistics, finance, and marketing will aid in passing the 2 nd part of the exam. For the 3 rd part of the exam key classes in MHR will be ideal. Like most students will take these other required business courses and merely pass them and then forget about them once the course is complete. I would think that idea behind taking these courses is to get you familiar with these subjects, and to understand them and how they work. This way when you prepare for an exam like
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RSA_Chp 17 - Reflection and Self-assessment 17.1 Explore...

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