27 de Febrero - the rest of the day, during the rush hours,...

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Valerie Bodden Kluge (10-0014) Introduction to International Business November 25, 2009 Road Strategy If I were appointed the task to decide how many lanes a road, for example the 27 de Febrero, should have, I would first of all install some type of device that counts every car that crosses the road in different locations, as well as the hour in which it crosses. This would help me get an idea of at which hour the road is mostly used, and at what points it becomes saturated. Once I have this information, I would pin point the rush hours and make them my priority and guidelines, as well as the places on which these rush hours affect the rest of the traffic the most. I would also record the velocity on which traffic moves during these hours, because personally I consider that traffic should be constant at all times, therefore people can effectively travel from one place to another. If the cars move at a rate 50% or less slower than the speed limit, or average speed during
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Unformatted text preview: the rest of the day, during the rush hours, then I would check the stop light system. I would work together with the company in charged of synchronizing these stop lights to make sure that they are working in a efficient manner. Once this is done, I would re-do the first two steps, if nothing has changed, and cars are still moving at an incredibly slow rate as well as creating traffic jams on other intersecting streets, then I would check the availability of terrain on either the sides of the road, or try to see if one could build an elevated road or a tunnel. I would look for the most convenient one, in both price and promised results. If the opposite occurs, that there are too many lanes for the street, which is extremely unlikely to happen, I would build a boulevard in the middle of the road. This would reduce the amount of lanes, and serve as a decoration as well....
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27 de Febrero - the rest of the day, during the rush hours,...

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