gbm assignment 1 - his product. Seymour should have made...

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Valerie Bodden K. 10-0014 General Business Administration I Seymour Case Study September 7, 2009 Mr. Seymour’s own initial investment: $100,000.00 together with to the money he borrowed from his banks and credit card, $125,000.00, and his friends and family contributed with $100,000.00, giving them 30% ownership. All of this makes a total of: $325,000.00 initial investment. During the first 6 months of his business, he spent a total of $875,000.00 and the received $900,000.00 from the selling of his product. After subtracting his expenses from his revenue, it leaves the exact amount of $25,000.00 as profit. The moral behind this case is basically that lack of organization and foresight can lead to non-desired consequences. I believe Seymour should have had a better plan for both his product and his company. It would have been a smart move from Seymour if he would have made his company public, and throughout the courses of the years, renovated
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Unformatted text preview: his product. Seymour should have made his company public. For if he would have done it, when the time came to take some risky management moves, or if the company is driven to bankruptcy, then Seymour would not be as affected himself. Currently, either he has to declare the company bankrupt, ruining his credit, or he could renovate his merchandise, sort off starting fresh in an attempt to gain the audience back. He should also try to see if he could somehow get out of the contract made with one of the plants, and cut down some production, until his product has a larger demand. I believe Seymour could increase his profit once again if he renovates his product, and expand the variety of things being offered to the public. He should think of something that could cause if not the same, but similar shock in the consumer market....
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gbm assignment 1 - his product. Seymour should have made...

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