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Corporate Social Responsibility Technology - Corporate...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility: Addresses ethical conduct at the organizational level “Collective code” What does the organization do to society, and what does it do for society Areas of Corporate Social Responsibility Responsibility towards the natural environment Sustainability, Green Technology and Climate Change ‘Consumerism’ Right to safety Right to be heard Right to be informed Right to choose Responsibility towards employees Responsibility toward communities Sustainability must learn to live differently 2 billion to 9 billion dominant paradigm = take, make, waste model of the 1 st industrial revolution is not sustainable 99% of goods produced in U.S. are in waste stream in 6 months! need “closed loop, cradle to cradle” approach business may be the primary cause of the problem but it will also likely be the solution Creates profit for its shareholders while protecting and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts Triple Bottom Line financial or economic, environmental, social Use sustainability to protect, run and grow your business Why now? Freer world, more interdependence, wired world, power of reputation, imperilled world, more social consciousness, investor activism, etc. Sustainability Responsibility – Jag Sheth, Firms of Endearment
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“This is NOT about GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP, it is about SOUND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT…The BEST form of GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP is NOT about making monetary donations to charities, but the dedicated involvement of all stakeholders inspired by a MEANINGFUL PURPOSE that TRANSCENDS the bottom line.” Corporate Governance
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Corporate Social Responsibility Technology - Corporate...

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